How To Wear Perfume Right

January 9th, 2011  |  Published in TIPS

1 All about notes: Don’t just wear something because it’s a designer perfume. Make sure you absolutely love the perfume’s top notes (the ones you smell immediately after spraying) and bottom notes. To find out if you like the bottom notes, spray a little of the perfume on the back of your wrist and wait 20 minutes to smell the perfume again. Do you like it? You can also confirm your decision by going to a perfume store and ask for help.

2 Shower time: Take a shower before applying perfume. Your skin absorbs more when it’s moist. If you shower at night, know that the perfume won’t last as long when you apply it in the morning with dry skin.

3 Apply lotion: Put lotion on your pulse points. These include the inside of your wrists, the crooks of your elbow, the back of your neck, behind your knees, and the inside of your ankles. Make sure the lotion is unscented or the same scent as your perfume. Wait a minute or two for the lotion to dry before spraying perfume.

4 Spray it right: Spray the perfume on the pulse points. Spray only once on each pulse point even if the perfume is really light. Too much perfume is never good.

5 The right impact: Add just a hint of another fragrance to a different area of the body, such as the back or lower leg this will make others take a notice for sure. Also layering your fragrance makes it last longer.


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