Taking Care of Your Eyes When at Computer

January 19th, 2011  |  Published in TIPS

1 Keep them lubricated: Professionals these days work in an air-conditioned environment, which contributes to dryness in eyes. Also, blinking is reduced while working on the computer. Hence, it is important to soothe your eyes with a lubricating eye drop every three to four hours.

2 Take a Walk: The computer has a magnetic field around it, which can cause mild headaches on hours of continuous usage. One must move out of the range of the computer every one-and-a-half to two hours, for a short while.

3 Proper adjustments: The angle of the screen, brightness and contrast must be such that your eyes don’t get strained. You must also ensure that your posture is proper – your back straight.

4 Keep the lights on: Do not work on a computer in a dark room. The flickering of light on the computer screen causes added strain and fatigue.

5 Make it large: Keep the size of the icons on the screen, and that of the font of your documents, a size larger than what you read/see easily. A larger font strains the eyes much lesser that a tiny one.


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