How To Clean Your Car Interiors

February 1st, 2011  |  Published in TIPS

1 De clutter first: Throw away all the clutter you’ve collected in your car such as old magazines, car seats, toys, dishes, and music CDs. Keep only the essentials. Also take out foot rest, back rest as they can be cleaned separately.

2 Broom time: With a whisk broom, sweep out the front and back, starting with the seats and going on to the floors. Move the front seats back to sweep out dust stuck in those places.

3 Seat wise: Vacuum the seats, along with back part and head rests. Reach out to the sides and underneath. Then move on to the floors. There are small handy vacuum cleaners in the market which helps a lot in easy cleaning. Pick one and start – the vacuum cleaner can also be used in house cleaning.

4 Soapy wise: Dip a cloth into soapy water and wring it. Make sure it’s not too soapy or else it will leave sticky marks. Wipe the dashboard, steering wheel, console, vents, the inside door panels and the roof section. Wash foot rest and back rest depending upon the material – separately, place them back after complete dry.

5 Glass perfect: With a fresh cloth and water or window washing solution, clean the car’s interior window and mirrors. Dry with a paper towel. Take a cotton swab to clean crevices, nooks, rims and ledges inside the car, especially on the dashboard or near the speakers. Also use wet newspaper to wipe the glass windows of your car. Never use a colored cloth or paper as it can leave strains on your windows.


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