How To Identify Fake Gems

February 12th, 2011  |  Published in TIPS

1 Low Price: The first sign of a fake gem is usually an obviously low price. Counterfeit gems often pop up in tourist areas where a low price attracts buyers.

2  Too clear: A real gem is not really flawless. It is the synthetic stones that are machine-made and are not naturally available. They are usually big, bright and crisp in their look. Natural gems have inclusion which makes it easier for gemologists to identify a real gemstone from the fake ones.

3 Color fade: Look for uneven color, which could mean a poor dye or paint job. Stones like opals are often dyed to pass them off as the higher priced blue opal.

4 Close view: Get as close as possible to the gem by using a loupe as it acts as a magnifying glass, allowing the intricate details inside the gem to become more apparent.

5 Expert help: Seek expert help to evaluate the worth of your gemstone. Have a dealer or jeweler test if the gem is real and provide a certificate of authenticity. Reputable dealers will provide this service at a very nominal cost.


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