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February 5th, 2011  |  Published in General Awareness

Yellow Sapphire

Crystals apart from being excellent décor pieces can act as healers too.

Crystal for good luck

No crystal can ever take the place of hard work, self-discipline and study. But there are several crystals that can be used as talismans when you take academic tests. These can always help but never start being superstitious about these stones. I don’t posses much knowledge about the stones, except for few I wear out of my curiosity towards them (Monga, pukhra – Red stone, yellow sapphir). I tried to gather few details about the stones, please find below some information.

  • Chrysocolla promotes and enhances artistic appreciation, and may also prove useful in art and music exams/interviews. Carry a small, tumbled piece as a ‘worry-stone’ to relieve stress prior to any exam, and keep it in your pocket during the exam.
  • Rutilated quartz enhances swift transition from one idea to the next and is useful in most tests.
  • Tiger’s eye symbolizes the integration of mind and body. If possible, wear a small piece during physical tests, perhaps as a ring or an earring.
  • A small, transparent rock crystal, in the shape of a wand with a natural point, is a crystal that anyone can carry with them as a personal talisman: it symbolizes clear, directed thought and intentions. It is better, if you can find a natural double-terminated crystal( one with a point at both ends) which represents two-way communication and learning, and is ideal for use in the study.


Turquoise: The pale opacity of turquoise exercises a calming influence and promotes a good atmosphere for contemplation. This semi-precious stone is readily available in a wide range of ornamental shapes, perfect to be used as paper-weights. Holding a turquoise egg while you’re reading, thinking or studying can help in decluttering  your mind.

Yellow sapphire: A citrine or agate slice, positioned to provide some warning of other people’s approach, is useful if the door to your study is not in your line of sight. In a home office, this will help prevent disturbances.

Polished amber

Polished amber: A string of amber or other yellow crystal beads draped over shelves, softens the knife-balance effect of the shelves and the jutting spines of books. Shelves near seats are best draped with darker beads to make them less intrusive and intimidating. Books that are never consulted, can become areas of stagnant chi; so it is best to move them out of the main study area. Bookshelves should never be crammed: leave some gaps to allow chi to permeate with ease. However, some bindings can be damaged if books lean awkwardly, so use turquoise ornaments to fill the gaps.  


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