How To Keep Clothes Wrinkle-Free

March 5th, 2011  |  Published in TIPS

Here are few tips to keep your clothes wrinkle free:

Use Hangers: Try putting your clothes in a hanger instead of stashing them in the wardrobe to avoid crease lines. Make it a habit. Don’t just shove your clothes in a suitcase. If you carefully roll your items, then even your regular, untreated items will resist wrinkling.

Hang your clothes well: It’s always better to avoid hanging your clothes over an arm of a chair. Chair arms and clothes hooks will leave fold lines that aren’t easy to remove. So make sure you handle them properly.

Don’t leave items in the dryer: Cool air sets wrinkles as items sit in the dryer for long. As soon as you finish washing your clothes, take them out of the dryer and put them on a hanger. Smooth your clothes with your hands as you remove them from the dryer for minimum wrinkles.

Use a wrinkle-free spray: These days many quality wrinkle free sprays are available in the market. So spray it on and then smooth wrinkles out with your hand. Dry clean your items to get rid of wrinkles with minimal effort.

Fabric efforts: The material of the clothes matters a lot. So, it’s always good to look for items that are made from special travel fabric. The 2-ply combed cotton and stretch micro-fiber of poly-viscose and lycra do not wrinkle easily.


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