How To Use Oil Paint

March 11th, 2011  |  Published in TIPS

The right order: Always lay your oil pants out on your palette in the same order so that with time, you’ll be able to pick up a bit of color instinctively.

Add at each step: The proportion of oil (medium) should be increased for each subsequent layer in an oil painting because the lower layers absorb oil from the layers on top of them.

What to use: Use linseed oil for an under-painting but avoid using linseed oil as a medium in whites and blues as it has a marked tendency to yellow, which is most notable with light colors. Poppy oil is recommended for light colors.

Check it: Not sure if a bottle of mineral or white spirits is suitable for oil painting, put a tiny drop on a piece of paper and let it evaporate. If it evaporates without leaving any residue, stain or smell it should be fine.

Clean it well: If you want to clean away a layer of oil paint or oil varnish, use alcohol, which is a powerful solvent.


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