Gurgaon Property Frauds

April 4th, 2011  |  Published in Real Estate

Yeah that is true!! Most of us have seen the movie “Khosla Ka Ghosla”, well the fact is that the crime shown in the movie is fast catching up.

  • More and more criminals are turning to land-grab in Millennium City
  • Criminals have given up robbery and extortion and turned to land-grabbing in a big way.
  • Gang targets NRIs as they don’t come to check their property. Palam Vihar, Gurgaon’s oldest locality is prime target as many NRIs have invested in property there.

According to the police, one should always check the credentials of property agents. Instead or rushing in to buy property, it is better to consult legal professionals.


  • Gangs have nexus property dealers
  • If they find that the owner is not living in the city, they look for potential buyers.
  • A gang member poses as a flat/plot owner convinces the buyer.
  • The gangs hire witnesses.
  • After receiving the payment, the gang members go underground for a few days.
  • Owners come to know about the fraud much later.


  • Don’t rush to buy a property. Visit the site and talk to people living nearby.
  • Check the credentials of the owner.
  • Consult the revenue department to confirm the original owner of the plot/flat.
  • If the register is not ready to give the land record, file an RTI plea with the department.
  • Verify the witnesses who are identifying the owner.
  • Check their passports, instead of voter ID cards as these can be forged easily.


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