How To Care For Wispy Locks in Summers

April 18th, 2011  |  Published in TIPS

  • Moisturize them: In summers, our hair tends to lose moisturizer faster. It is therefore very important to condition them on a regular basis. Make sure you apply conditioner after every hair wash or whenever you wet your hair to replenish the moisture loss.

  • Avoid sunlight: If your hair is colored, spray leave-in conditioner that also contains sunscreen every time you step out of your house. This will protect your hair from losing the hair color. Excessive exposure to sunrays can fade out the hair color really fast.

  • Accessories hurt: Stylish accessories are attractive but be careful while selecting one. Pick those accessories that would that not damage or tear your hair leading to split ends. Use ponytail holders without metal closures, and make sure your barrettes have smooth edges.

  • Wash them well: Avoid washing your hair regularly, as the natural oil in your hair act as natural moisturizers. Washing hair everyday will rip off the natural conditioner. Limit hair wash to thrice a week. Wash your hair with tap water at least once after you’ve bathed in a pool to remove all the traces of chlorine and salt from your hair. One simple way is to rinse your hair in fresh water before getting in the pool. This will allow your hair to be saturated with fresh water so that it soaks up less of the chlorine water.

  • Scarf them up: Use a scarf to cover up your hair on a windy day. This would avoid tangles, knots and breakage of your hair, and also stop dust and grime from setting on your scalp.


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