How To Decorate Small Spaces

April 2nd, 2011  |  Published in LifeStyle, TIPS  |  8 Comments

Paint the home: The basic tip to decorate a small space if to repaint all dark colored walls in light pastel hues. Dark walls make the room appear dingy and small. Use the same pastel wall colors in adjoining small rooms and increase perceived space. This technique makes two small rooms look like one large rooms look like one large room because the line of sight is uninterrupted by a change in wall color.

Natural light: Add lots of light to a space that feels cramped. Add river grass and bamboo fiber blinds instead of the heavy curtains to add more light to your room. If privacy is not an issue, remove any doors leading to a small space to allow more light. Alternatively, install a door with translucent glass to preserve privacy and increase natural light in a small room.

Ceiling matters: Curtain rods installed near ceilings rather than on the window frames make low ceilings appear high.

Selection of furniture: Save space by choosing furniture that serves more than one purpose. Some coffee tables have a lower shelf for storing books, and many ottomans have removable tops that reveal storage for games, throws and other items.

Décor accessories: Decorate with furniture that doesn’t overwhelm a small space. Tables with glass tops blend into a room’s décor, increasing the apparent space. To make a room appear spacious, do away with clutter. Too many knickknacks and artifacts as well as wall hangings can be distracting.


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