How To Manage Work in An Organized Manner

April 23rd, 2011  |  Published in TIPS

Plan In Advance: Create a folder with all your pending work in the order of priority. Every morning before you begin your work just go through the list to ensure you finish the pending work list.

Categorize: If you work in a big team it’s important to have regular meetings so that each one is aware of the work being done by the other one. Also divide the work evenly amongst the team workers to ensure there is harmony and no one is over worked.

Keep a tab: Be aware of the happenings in your industry. It always helps to network whichever field you are in. Keep a day in a week to catch up with your sources and to know if you are unaware of any important event that has happened in your field.

Take a Break: If you are feeling over worked take an hour off. Relax and rejuvenate so that you are in a better mood to work and concentrate more.

Keep details: Keep a record of all the important assignments you have undertaken at work. During meetings point out your commendable tasks.


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