How To Decorate Cake

June 14th, 2011  |  Published in TIPS

What needs decoration? In case you want to eat the cake warm from the oven, no topping or sauce is needed. Also, cakes such as fruit cakes need not be decorated, as they look good enough otherwise. Cakes suitable for decoration are cupcakes, wedding cakes, birthday and party cakes.

Keep it Simple: If you are just starting out with icing, choose a technique that is not difficult. The typical frosting styles include dusted icing cake, butter cream, fluffy frosting and sugar-paste, among others.

Beyond icing: If you are short on time, icing may not be a good idea at all. Go for items that can be added directly on the cake, such as flowers candles and shredded chocolate. Use color creatively.

Ordinary to extraordinary: Dry fruits, vegetables and tiny baked items can be turned into creative options for decoration of the cake. Also, adding something inedible, such as plastic or paper decorations, can add a special touch.

Serve well: Use crockery that is creatively designed. Ensuring that the cake plate is suited to the overall design will ensure the cake’s final decorative touch.


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