How To Enjoy SPA Experience At Home

June 11th, 2011  |  Published in TIPS

Me Time: Take out an hour and a half to detox your body and calm your nerves in the quiet of your own home. The entire process should aim at cleansing and nourishing your skin. Prepare an atmosphere of calm and quiet at home.

De-stress mantra: Make a stress-relieving rub by taking two tablespoon grape seed or almond oil, three to four drops of ginger, three drops bergamot and one drop of lemon grass essential oils. Mix and use them to scrub your skin.

Aromatic Bath: Your bath mix can be made by mixing one cup fresh ginger grated, one cup fresh jasmine flowers or eight to ten drop jasmine essential oil and rose petals. Relaxing in the tub with the mix for half an hour to an hour

Post Scrub: Mix two tablespoon ginger powder with three to four tablespoon finely grounded basmati rice. Also, mix four to five drops lemon grass, two tablespoon honey, half cup coconut milk. Apply it on your body.

Last Step: Take a shower and towel dry. Mix moisturizer ingredients to an aromatic body cream and apply all over your body. Rest and drink jasmine tea.


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