How to repair your wet mobile phone at home

June 4th, 2011  |  Published in Mobile Phones, TIPS

Dismantle it: After taking it out of water, immediately dismantle all the parts. Do not turn the phone on.

Dry in rice: A quick way to dry the phone up is to put it in a bowl of dry, raw rice. The rice will soak up the water from all the parts.

Ditch the hair dryer: Do not try to dry it with the hair dryer. The heat from it will just damage the phone’s body and can also cause of serious in the internal circuits.

Keep the sugar away: In case you have dropped the phone in a solution containing sugar; say in a cup of tea, you should get yourself a bottle of distilled water (used in inverter). Dip the phone parts in the water and the sugar sediments will dissolve in the distilled water and drip out.

Vacuum it up: If moisture still remains, draw it this residual moisture with the help of vacuum cleaner. Just hold nozzle over the affected area for up to 20 minutes. This is fastest method and can completely dry your phone, and get it working in thirty minutes.


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