How To Tone Up Your Arms

June 18th, 2011  |  Published in Health, TIPS

Arm Curl: Keeping your elbows tucked in place at your sides; curl the dumbbell up to your chin, but not so far that your forearms are perpendicular to the floor. Always keep tension on the biceps throughout the motion. Do not let the biceps relax at the bottom of the rep. Keep the tension on the biceps.

Hammer curl: You are basically curling the dumbbell up as high as it can go without moving the elbows. Ideally, the flat side of the dumbbell, at the top of the rep, should come close to touching the shoulder of the lifting arm. It is called a hammer curl because it looks like you are swinging a hammer. Put your palms face towards your body throughout the whole exercise.

Tricep Extension: Triceps extension develops the tricep muscles behind the upper arms. Start by holding a dumbbell in two hands with arms extended above the head. Lower the weight behind the head and then return it to the starting position.

Tricep kickback: Hold a weight in your left hand. Position right knee and hand on a bench. Make sure your back is straight. Hold your elbow on the same height as your back. Move your hand with the weight towards the ceiling until your arm is straight. Now, move to the basic position.

Pushups: Lay your body facing the ground and put both hand next to your shoulders. Your chin should point to the floor. Tense up your legs and stand on your toes. Inhale while you push up your body by straightening the arms and keep your body tense. Go back to the starting position.


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