How To Ease Joint Pain

July 14th, 2011  |  Published in Health, TIPS

Read symptoms: If you have pain, stiffness, swelling in or around a joint for more than two weeks. It is time to see your doctor. Don’t wait for these pains to aggravate further it is best consult doctor.

Protect your joints: Avoid excess stress on your joints. Assisting devices can make tasks easier.Don’t get yourself involved in heavy activities in case you are feeling pain, avoid pulling heavy weight objects and also mind your body positions while playing.

Organize yourself: Exercise helps lessen pain, increases range of movement and reduces fatigue. A well rounded workout routine includes flexibility exercises to increase range of motion and aerobic exercises to improve endurance, and strengthening exercises to improve muscle fitness.

Weight watch: Loss weight. You won’t just look better, you’ll feel better, too. Why? Every extra pound you carry around translates to added stress to your knees and hips. Excess weight can mean more pain in your joints.

Quit smoking: Smoking can increase your risk of developing psoriasis and can predispose you to osteoporosis. Also, if you have to undergo joint surgery, smoking can prolong your recovery. Arthritis drugs can also be less effective for smokers and can contribute to sleep problems.


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