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July 2nd, 2011  |  Published in Tools

Microsoft has released second platform preview of Internet Explorer 10. The release is especially for developers at this moment.  This preview release includes support for major platform features like HTML5 Parser, HTML5 Sandbox, Web Workers, HTML5 Forms, Media Query Listeners and more.

Some of the Features are:

  • HTML5 Application performance improves across the board, as well as the ability to deliver better performance with more efficient use of battery life with new technologies like Web Workers with Channel Messaging, Async script support, and others.
  • Web application security improves using the same markup with support for HTML5 Sandbox for iframe isolation.

Platform Preview Known Issues:

  • Web Worker Profiling
  • Placing comments before the DOCTYPE declaration incorrectly puts IE10 into quirks mode.
  • Platform Preview setup shows an error dialog if you have open windows of older Platform Previews
  • Platform Preview may crash IE8
  • Platform Preview shows an error dialog when IE8 is running
  • Platform Preview Build opens links to *.EXE files as text
  • Downloads initiated by script do not function
  • Upgrading the Platform Preview Build turns the taskbar pinned icon into a blank page icon
  • CSS Grid and CSS Flexbox do not currently support anonymous text blocks

For a Complete Briefing about the known issues, please visit: Release Notes

User Guide for Platform Preview

Download Internet Explorer 10 – Platform Preview 2


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