Nokia E6 Mobile Review

July 29th, 2011  |  Published in Featured, Reviews  |  2 Comments

I have been using Nokia E71 for more than a year and am very happy to be going around with that phone even now. It is the phones like Nokia E71 and Nokia E72 which have been big landmarks for Nokia and helped in cementing the company’s stand in the business phone segment and gave rivals like BlackBerry a tough competition.

Nokia E6 promises to further continue Nokia’s strong hold in that segment. The E6 is Nokia’s foray into the touch screen market, consisting of a touch screen and a full QWERTY Keyboard and has Symbian’s latest operating system codenamed Anna. While a number of phones are being launched keeping in mind ‘Android’, Nokia continues to leave its marks with Symbian.

Nokia deserves full marks on its design and build quality. The E6 looks, sophisticated looks, combination of high quality plastic, stainless steel blends well. The 640 X 480 resolution display at 2.46 inches features a Gorilla glass screen capable of replicating 16 million colors.

The keyboard is similar to the previous models with some slight alterations like larger space bar. The feedback of the keys is good and easily distinguishable. All connectors are concealed behind plastic flaps. There’s an additional light beside USB port for easy identification that phone is connected to PC.

The E6 comes loaded with Symbian Anna, which is an improvement to Nokia’s existing Symbian 3 platform. The first difference is the snappier response and a new set of icons.

The E6 packs in good multimedia features as well. The music player offers a CoverFlow like view for albums. The default video player handles all major video codes like DivX, VC-1 and H.264 except for MOV and FLV. The player easily handles 720p files.

The E6 complies with the current standards and supports 3G in addition to Bluetooth 3.0 and Wi-Fi 402.11n. The USB 2.0 port supports USB on-the-go just like the N8.

The camera is of the 8MP.

Battery: The E6 will last for ‘2’ full days under heavy usage. This includes phone calls, music playback, social networking and email app running.

Few Drawbacks:

  • No notification light for missed calls, unread messages or if charging through the adapter(even though there’s USB notification led is there)
  • No way to control the player without unlocking the device.
  • Audio quality through the headset is average and there are no music controls on it.
  • Dual LED Flash with the Camera ruins the picture if the object is too close.


For a price of around Rs 17 – 18,000 – Nokia E6 offers a value that is an excellent buy for a trendy touch screen phone. But, they should not have interfered with their Camera. The screen could have been a little larger if the keypad was adjusted properly.


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