What is perfect…? Or perfectionism

August 22nd, 2008  |  Published in Amit Sahrawat  |  1 Comment

One thing you keep on asking but is never ending … will always be a point for very serious debate…
No one in this world can be perfect it is just you seem to be fit in eyes of someone with some traits…
When it comes to judgment of people, you just tend deviate from your own set parameters as soon as you come across more people and then it is just revitalization of your own perception of this world.
There will always be many faces (different) for each individual, no matter how open the person is ? But there is always a private section.

Some thoughts drafted by ‘Kabir’

“Bura jo dekhan main chala, bura naa milya koye
Jo mann khoja apnaa, to mujhse bura naa koye”

“maala ferat jug bhaya, fira na mann ka fer
kar ka manka daari de,man ka manka fer”

Reveals many things… but not noted by many…or may be noted but only for the sake of reading… these are things which when implemented in the living brings out some changes which are major ones…may be not …?because again it is my perception

Again the perfectionism can be momentary if we go by the speed of our mind… because one moment we tend to claim one to be perfect in one thing…
And then one minor mistake and the same is brought down to earth

GOD has always been said to be perfect… but had it been so…? Life would have been different for many folks…who have to beer the dire in consequences of their own body before fighting this world…but then it is this spirit to fight and survive in this world which is provided by the GOD himself which lets feel that this is something inclined towards perfectionism…

Yes, for me GOD is perfect not many will disagree but for those who disagree they might have to look at each phase of their life, it might not be too hard and harsh on their thinking to get past things into their memory and analyze them…

Dated : March, 2006


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