What provokes human nature to be selfish….

August 22nd, 2008  |  Published in Amit Sahrawat  |  3 Comments

I often think over this but to no avail, where from this human tendency creeps in to be selfish. There are times you tend to start your life with the only thought of building in relations with peace without any materialistic motive but only to be be fooled by the world around you. Everyone around, behaves with their feelings to be so much god oriented, but the ultimate power above us all does not gives or grows feelings of this meaningful life in human mind. The only message which is to be followed is about the peace of mind and when you have that peace in mind no matter what happens with oneself, there won’t be at any time, any feeling of ditching people or thinking about serving your own purpose rather than thinking about heavy repercussions of that. I rather have the feelings that there should be love for your life for living in this world, but just don’t live because you love your life. Every life has a purpose and that can be only be searched and served with the peace in mind. There are people who believes in living life full of truth but why the hell !!!they are thought to be the fools around ? and may be they are the ones who still believes in building relations and saving this world from reaching the heights of disaster. But most of the times they might have to live there life in frustration and show their mental toughness, believing in the message ‘Satya meva Jayate’, spend there lives waiting for their triumph. Believe me even if something goes haywire they will still rely on the truth and GOD to show them the path without losing on their honorable strength. There are times when you don’t want to disturb your relations, but when you do so you are made to feel that you are the one who is responsible for any wrong thing/you are the liar/ and these are things which develops the negative feeling about the presence of GOD, but then these can be the testing times and there might be new dawn just waiting for you.

Dated : July, 2006


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