What keeps me going — desire….?

September 11th, 2008  |  Published in Amit Sahrawat

One thought always keeps erupting in my mind what am I doing in life ? Something which will always keep me going. Many a times I would sit down to analyze what am I up to ?, what for am I doing all this ?. There is this tendency in mind to know oneself so as to put steps forward knowing about what you can achieve doing this or whether you are really capable of doing this. But the next thing coming to mind why should I be so restrictive, why should I decide whether I can do it or not, why don’t let it a go after all …if I had that thought of analyzing myself I would have never been able achieve so many things because that analysis would have put limitations on me.

Leaving it aside I for one don’t want to make it a smooth life and for that I need my desire going…pushing me for different goals.

You start analyzing the world around you and you will notice this world is driven by unhappiness and frustration because it is driven by sequence of desires. These waves of desire erupting in mind are unending and naturally all of them cannot be fulfilled. You look around and see people resorting to any means to fulfill their wishes. This involvement of any means makes the desire as the root cause of unhappiness. Although when the desire is fulfilled we tend to feel happy but that turns out to be momentary because at that moment you don’t have any desire and then the next moment your mind start pushing yourself to another desire and same cycle is repeated.

So, for me I would rather be happy to let my desire erupting but keep my feet firmly, I would rather not let those desires to distort reality and relativity between objects. There comes the point when desire and deserve seems to be the only solution.


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