Where is the end of world..?

September 11th, 2008  |  Published in Amit Sahrawat

Who should be the best judge to decide where is the end of world? Well this answer will have as many answers as many times this question is being brought upfront. Because your world keeps on changing with every moment passes by. You are there with family- family is the world, in office – that is world for you, with friends-they decide your world. But one thing which keeps running from mind will be the moral things -humanity, character. The moment people starts running away from basic values they are just escaping from the world and are jumping towards finishing their internal and eternal peace. The moment you start playing with your internal peace and allowing other thoughts to cover your mind which in turn drives your heart or vice-versa, you are slowly but steadily reaching at a point of ending your world. Your world appears good/enjoyable/lovable as long as you have that much desired peace. Don’t be afraid to clear the things at first place even if the result is not in your favor at least that won’t keep you fighting within. If we keep in mind only the purpose of life and medium, there’s no way you would follow in wrong direction. Your heart will keep you pushing in the correct direction. There are times when you don’t want to listen to your internal voice and start ignoring that and slowly it just becomes a habit. The earlier you start realizing the truth around the world you are basically enlarging your world to live in.


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