Affordable flats in Gurgaon by NBCC.

March 21st, 2009  |  Published in Real Estate  |  15 Comments

NBCC- Largest Public sector construction company, has launched a group housing scheme.This scheme applies to employees of Government/State government/Central government/PSU – Public Sector Units/Banks…
The flats vary in dimensions starting from 9000 sq.feets to 2000 sq.feets, complete layout and plan explanation, payment details is provided at this link

The scheme allows for filling application for House as an individual or in a group of atleast 30 applicants. So, if we you can try and make a group and assign an individual from the group and ask that individual to submit applications to NBCC. There is also greater possibility(or probability) of flat being allotted for group rather than individuals. As 75% of flats are reserved for groups, moving them higher in preference and priority.

Last date for appliying (sending a formal Expression of Interest(EOI) – no payment) in this scheme is 31st March,2009.


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