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PCRA – Petroleum Conservation and Research Association, has launched a unique advertisement for spreading awareness about fuel consumption, being broadcasted these days on Television. It goes something like this – a person stops at the petrol pump, where in petrol vendor announces that there is a special 20% discount for you and tells him the several ways of reducing fuel consumption which in turn amount to saving money… it is very nicely presented.


Be a fuel efficient car owner.Other than driving at 45-50 kmph, you can
  • Switch off your engine at red signals if you have to wait for more than 15 seconds
  • Join a car pool
  • Drive in the correct gear
  • Always maintain the recommended tyre pressure
  • Walk or cycle short distances
Even if one half of all car owners follow these simple steps, India will save fuel worth Rs.1,000 crore every year.

Driving style

The way you drive has the maximum influence on fuel consumption. Drivers who accelerate hard or rev the engine to its limit will always consume more fuel. Conversely, a driver who never floors the accelerator pedal and keeps the engine constantly in the 2000-3000rpm range and changes gears early will go more kilometers on a tank-full of fuel. So,

Air Conditioning

You can note it very often, the moment you switch on A/C the load on your engine increases. If you are standing at the red-light with A/C on you can note the pick-up difference. With the A/C on, the idling engine speed is increased to take the load off the compressor, which increases fuel consumption. So, make sure you use A/C only when it is essential. In mornings/evening if you are driving through cleaner areas, you can do away by opening up windows to get fresh air.

Tyre pressure

Few motorists understand the relationship between tyre pressure and fuel consumption. As a rule the lower your tyre pressure, the greater the rolling resistance and hence greater the fuel consumption. Conversely, the higher the tyre pressure the lower rolling resistance. Hence the engine needs less fuel to propel the car. Overinflating tyres will certainly improve fuel economy, but any savings will get cancelled out with uneven tyre wear. It’s best to set tyre pressures to the manufacturer’s recommended figures. In our tests we found that a drop in 4psi accounted for a 6 per cent deterioration in fuel economy.

Fuel quality

Adulterating fuel lowers its calorific value and its ability to burn optimally. As a result there will be a drop in performance and fuel efficiency. Always try and fill at pumps where you can be sure of the quality of the fuel sold.


Another important factor that has a strong effect on fuel efficiency. Firstly, the engine has to be in perfect tune and the fuel mixed with the right amount of air. Incorrect wheel alignment, unbalanced wheels and tyres, grabbing brakes, a slipping clutch, and worn-out wheel bearings all play a role in increasing fuel consumption.

Oil is our lifeline. Let us use it efficiently and reduce our fuel bills.


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