Airtel subscribers crosses 100mn – multiplying success

May 16th, 2009  |  Published in Business and Finance

airtelBHARTI AIRTEL on friday(15May 2009) became the third company in the world to cross the 100 million subscribers mark in a single country. It has also become the sixth largest integerated operator in the world.

Thus, every fourth mobile phone use in India is an Airtel customer.

The company took more than three years to grow from 1 million to 10 million customers, but only nine months from 75 million customers to 100 million . The gap between Bharti Airtel and its nearest competitor, Vodafone, is about 26 million subscribers.


Year                                                       No of Customers

May,2009                                            100 million

August,2008                                         75 million

October,2007                                       50 million

July,2006                                               25 million

November,2004                                  10 million

October,2001                                           1 million

1997                                                              100,000


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