Vote counting on Saturday,16May – Election 2009

May 15th, 2009  |  Published in General Awareness

All eyes are on Saturday’s vote count. A glance at the arrangements the Election Commission has made for the mammoth exercise across the country:

  • Total counting centres: 1,080

  • Total counting halls: 4,260

  • Counting staff deployed: approximately 60,000

  • Secure arrangements for counting agents of candidates to witness the counting procedure.

  • A micro-observer at every table

  • Random checking of electronic voting machines (EVMs) by recounting of two counted machines after every round by micro-observers.

  • Proceedings in the counting hall shall be video-graphed.

  • Tabulated data to be verified by observers.

  • Each counting centre has one counting hall for every segment of the constituency, one data centre and one media centre.

  • The result sheet from each counting hall after the end of every round shall be sent to data centre and the media centre simultaneously.


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