How To Take Care of Your Expensive Wedding Garments

January 11th, 2011  |  Published in TIPS

1 Dry Cleaning or Washing: Many fabrics needs to be dry cleaned. Seek the help of a professional drycleaner for the best cleaning method.

2 Buying expensive garments: While buying expensive garments, make sure there are no fake/glued on/ironed on embellishments.

3 Before the party: Make sure your garments are clean before pressing. Heat sources, such as pressing can make the stain permanent.

4 Stain Trouble: While giving your stained garment for dry-cleaning; don’t forget to tell the drycleaner what caused the stain. Repair small tears (if any) beforehand to prevent further damage during dry-cleaning. In case you have specific instruction, make sure your drycleaner understands your preference.

5 Hanger issues: Ensure your heavily-embellished garments, such as lehengas and saris are delivered on specially-designed hangers. Normal hangers might damage the work on your sari.

6 Breathing life: If you plan to wear the garment for more than once in the season, hang it out in the open for 24 hours. If it is smelly, use a good fabric deodorizer and then hang it carefully.

7 Deal with stained clothes: Blotting can only make champagne stains on your garments disappear. But if left unattended, over a period of time, a yellow or brown stain will appear, due to the oxidation of the sugar content.


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