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January 11th, 2011  |  Published in General Awareness  |  1 Comment

Before going through the articles in one of the leading newspaper(Hindustan Times ), I had no idea if there is any society which finds out terms like – name of the year, word of the year, creative word and so on. Came to know that the society is ‘121’ year old.

The 121-year-old American Dialect Society chose ‘app’ as the word of the year.

TOP WORD OF 2010: ‘APP’ (abbreviated form of a computer or smart phone application)

MOST USEFUL WORD: ‘NOM’ (onomatopoetic form connoting eating, especially pleasurably)

MOST OUTRAGEOUS WORD: ‘GATE RAPE’ (invasive security screening procedure mandated in airports)

CREATIVE WORD: ‘PREHAB’ (preemptive enrolment in a rehab facility to prevent relapse of an abuse problem

MOST UNNECESSARY WORD: ‘REFUDIATE’ (Sarah Palin – coined combination of repudiate and refute)

NAME OF THE YEAR: ‘Eyafjalljokul’ In a companion vote, sibling organization the American Name Society voted this as the Name of the year for 2010. It’s the name of an Icelandic volcano which spewed enough ash in 2010 to severely disrupt flights across Europe.



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