Easy Steps To Get Started With Golf

February 19th, 2011  |  Published in Sports, TIPS

1 Body Rhythm: Your hands, knee, leg, shoulder and wrist, work together when you are about to hit a shot. Understanding their placement and action will better your performance.

2 Ball Trick: While placing the club on the ball, a very common mistake an amateur golfer makes is keeping the head of the ball quite low. The ball should be above the club face top part. You will be able to get an ascending hit that will also add to distance of the shot.

3 Turn around: Novice players often do not turn enough while they are in the back of the ball. As a result, the shot turns out to be a disaster. While you are in this position, you actually require turning completely. This kind of movement helps in bringing you back with a stronger impact.

4 Hit hard: A strong blow to ball ultimately results in a shot that is worth applauding for, so master your strokes.

5 Relax yourself: Novice players often keep their muscles tight while playing. This considerably slows down their move. Before you begin the process of hitting the ball, ensure that you loosen your muscles and relax them. You will be able to score a longer distance.


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