How to Paint your face for a match

February 19th, 2011  |  Published in Sports, TIPS

With ICC World Cup 2011 in progress and all the supporters and so do the sport lovers, enthusiasts getting ready to watch a match. If you really are going to stadium to support your team, painting your face with colors is one way to show your enthusiasm and let everyone who you are supporting. But do take care in painting your face, here are few tips which might help you:

  1. EXPERT HELP:  if you are heading out with friends to watch a match, then it is a fun idea to have your friends paint your face with colors in motifs of flags. But if you have more time in your hands and really want to make a statement, then get some experts help. Salons offer funky face paints and temporary tattoos and they often last just a day.
  2. Color counts: It’s important to keep in mind the colors that are used to keep in mind the colors that are used on your face. Go for natural and safe colors. Some people may develop allergies; so do a patch test on your arm before you try out the color on your face.
  3. Be careful: If a rash appears on your skin after using the color, consult a dermatologist. It is anyway advisable to apply some moisturizer before you try out any face paint, so that the color does not penetrate through the pores. Also, avoid applying thick layers on your eyelids, as this may cause eye irritation.
  4. Design doodles: The design you choose should reflect the team or a player that you are supporting. You can even get innovative by adding your own little message along with motif.
  5. Stencil smart: If you are not too good with designs and doodles, get the flag shaped stencils from any local stationary shop, and just fill in the colors.


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