How To Boost Your Hair Growth

February 12th, 2011  |  Published in TIPS  |  1 Comment

1 Take your vitamins: Average hair growth is half inch per month. One can speed up normal growth rate to three-fourth inch each month just by taking hair vitamins supplements. First, take a multivitamin that encompasses all of your body’s needs. Then take care about extra nutrition for your hair.

2 Scalp massage: Massaging your scalp for 5 minutes a day can make your hair stronger, thicker, and grow in faster.

3 Steps to stimulate: Less stress means more beautiful hair. Remember to use the pads of your fingers, never your nails. Spread your fingers apart and place them firmly on your head. Start at the base of your neck work your way up.

4 Wear your hair up more: Every time you wear your hair down, you are exposing it to environmental damage. Wind will cause tangles, which in turn causes more handling and more damage. Wear your hair up at least 50% of the time.

5 Don’t neglect your trims: Your ends are the oldest, driest and most damaged hair. No matter how gentle you are to your hair, the ends split and move farther up the hair shaft. Split ends cause tangles, which leads to breakage and snapping. Getting trims every 2-3 months will keep the shape of your hair.


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