How To Cook Chinese Food

February 12th, 2011  |  Published in TIPS

1 Balance well: There should always be a balance of meat and vegetables, so that there is a variety of color, texture and taste.

2 Wok is must: If one desires to cook Chinese food, it is essential to have a wok. Small woks are ideal for home and are easily available in the market. Wok helps the ingredients to cook evenly, especially if stir-frying is required.

3 Oil it right: While adding oil for stir-frying, drizzle the oil down the sides of the wok. If you are deep frying, to check if the oil is hot enough, simply stick a chopstick in the wok. If the oil sizzles, it means the oil is ready for use.

4 Marinate the meat: If you are cooking non-vegetarian, marinate the meat before you start cooking. This enhances the flavor of the meat. Always cut them in uniform sizes to ensure even cooking. Cut red meat across the grain – this makes the meat more tender.

5 Good quality rice: for best results, use long grained rice (basmati). If you are cooking fried rice, use cold cooked rice, preferably the previous day’s rice.


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