How To Wear A Dhoti

February 26th, 2011  |  Published in TIPS

  • Separate the dhotis into two equal parts 3/4th and 1/4th. The longer part should be to your left.
  • Wrap it around so that you can bring the two sides together to the front to tie a knot just below the waist.
  • Take the part on your right, gather it, pull it between your legs and tuck it at the back.
  • Pleat the remaining length of the dhoti like a sari and tuck it into the waistband and let the bottom part hang.
  • The most fashionable way is typically in the form of dhoti pants.
  • But it has influenced several other modern silhouettes, such as carrot pants, harem pants, zovave and jodhpur pants.

Stylize dhoti

  • On ramps, men wear dhotis with pockets and team it up with shirts and jackets. The dhoti can be draped differently, giving it a whole new contemporary look.
  • Dhotis can be worn with kurta and dupattas, adding to the urban look. A heavily embellished kurta with a fashionable dhoti adds volumes to the combination.
  • Women can completely convert dhotis into a tube dress or a saree drape and still make it look like a dhoti. Both men and women can accessorize the look with scarves and Indian jewellery for the fusion look.


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