Breast Cancer Myths

March 12th, 2011  |  Published in Facts, Featured  |  2 Comments

US Based Prevention magazine recently published an article on the Top ten myths about Breast Cancer

  • Breast cancer is largely genetic: Only 5-10 percent of breast cancer cases are due to the breast cancer gene BRCA 1 and BRCA 2.

  • Small-chested women have lower risk: Experts say cup size doesn’t matter.

  • Breast cancer always appears as a lumpy: About 10 percent of breast cancers are diagnosed with no lumps or pain.

  • Mammograms prevent or reduce your risk: the ever-controversial screening test only detects breast cancer that already exists.

  • Mammograms cause breast cancer: Experts say the minuscule radiation from mammograms doesn’t outweigh the benefits.

  • Birth control pills cause breast cancer: Pills from the mid-1990s were shown to increase the risk slightly, but doctors say today’s versions don’t

  • Young women don’t get breast cancer: Most breast cancer cases are found in post-menopausal women, young women are still at risk.

  • Deodorant causes breast cancer: Rumors deodorants containing cancer-causing chemicals go unfounded by top-scientists

  • Wearing a bra increases the risk: Scientists say this doesn’t cause cancer.
  • Drinking from a plastic water bottle left in a hot car: Dioxins leached from heated plastic into the water doesn’t pose a risk, say researchers.


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