How To Take Care Of Burns

March 12th, 2011  |  Published in TIPS

Cool water: If you’ve got a minor injury or burn, use water as first aid till the pain subsides. Do not apply cream or any oily substance on the burn.

Home remedy: Another home remedy is to rub some toothpaste over the burnt area. It acts as a cooling agent and provides temporary relief from the stinging sensation.

Avoid lotions: If the victim is burnt through the clothing, do not remove the clothing – immediately immerse the burnt area in water. Butter, oil, lotions, or creams should not be applied to burns as they will worsen it by clogging the pores further. Covering the burn with adhesive dressing or bandages is also not advisable is also not advisable, burns need to breath.

Roll slowly: If your cloth have caught the flame than do not run, lie on floor and roll slowly, call for the help, cover the flame with the blanket or pour cool water it constantly. Do not put ice, burn ointments, butter or grease or anything else on the burn.

Visit Doctor: Don’t delay transfer to clinic or hospital if burn is in large involves vital areas or eyes, feet, genitalia, pevirum and major joints. Immediately rush to a doctor or a hospital nearby.


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