How To Pick The Right Shampoo

March 5th, 2011  |  Published in TIPS

When it comes to hair conditioning, extreme care and caution should be given to shampoo. At times, we unknowingly damage our hair because we are not using the right shampoo. The correct shampoo should suit your hair and should provide the right balance of moisture and nutrition.

1 Moisture seal: While choosing a shampoo, ensure that it has moisturizing effects too. In dry weather, go for a moisturizer-based shampoo. It will help to seal some moisture even before you proceed to the next step of conditioning.

2 Stick to one: Contrary to popular notions, do not try and experiment with different shampoos at the same time. Certain chemicals used in these various shampoos may react and give you scalp itch. Find out a brand that works best for your hair type and stick to it, so that you hair starts responding to it too.

3 Oily scalps: If your hair is oily, choose a shampoo that contains conditioner and Jojoba extracts — it cleans your hair and adds volume and bounce. Do not choose a shampoo that is overloaded with rich oils as this will make your hair limp.

4 Normal hairs: If you have normal hair, find a shampoo enriched with conditioners and green tea extracts. These ingredients add shine to your hair. Other extracts, such as aloe vera are good for maintaining normal hair.

5 Dry hair: Low levels of moisture results in dry hair. If you have dry hair, choose a shampoo, which contains extra conditioners and proteins that can keep the moisture level of your hair normal, and soften the texture of your hair.


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