How To Replenish Your Body

March 21st, 2011  |  Published in Health, TIPS

Does your stomach feel bloated all day? Do you suffer from acidity? After a late night, do you wake up the next morning with a headache? Do you also suffer from sugar cravings, a low immunity?

As you go about your routine activities of working, partying, eating food containing synthetic chemicals, you keep collecting toxins. We take in artificial flavorings and colors, sweeteners and preservatives from soft-drinks, ice-creams, chips and snacks. These toxins build up in the liver and eventually overflow into the blood stream, filling our entire system with toxins. The stored toxins caused all the aforementioned problems. With a change in eating habits, you can avoid all these diseases. Here are simple ways to get your health back on track.

Drink Water

Begin your day by drinking lots of water. Without adequate water, your cells shrink. They are unable to throw toxins. Drinking water helps cleanse the kidney and purify the blood.

Fast for a day

This is applicable to those of you who are leading a life of excesses. That means eating restaurant food frequently, not exercising, drinking alcohol, smoking, eating-fried and sugar-laden food, keeping late nights etc. Fasting helps give rest to the digestive system and allows the body to reserve its energies and rebuilding tissues need healing. Eating raw food like fruits and vegetables juices, while fasting, helps in yielding high energy.

Avoid constipation

Take in a lot of fibre in your diet by taking isabgol regularly. Eat papaya, prunes, spinach and wheat bran for better bowel movements.

Eat Fresh Food

Never reheat non-vegetarian food more than once. Bacteria breed in stored and cooked meats, and when you ingest these foods, the bacteria enters your body and overloads the immune system. Also, if you eat non-vegetarian food in restaurants more than thrice a week, you are overloading the liver with toxins and it may not be able to detoxify effectively. Nutritional science has a powerful healing effect on the body.


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