What To Wear To Look Thin

March 22nd, 2011  |  Published in TIPS  |  3 Comments

Black Rules: Wear black, It will make you look distinct and the cuts will accentuate your silhouette, giving you a sculpted look.

Size matters: Clothes that fit you best will make you look best so wear clothes of your exact size. It should neither be a size larger nor smaller. This way, you will also be spared of looking unkempt and sloppy.

Stripes and Sleeves: Wear longer sleeves and trousers – it can add an extra inch. Go for vertical patterns, stripes.

Neck patterns: Wear V-necks, shirts with a vertical pattern, or shirts with medium collar width. You can also go for ties of a single discreet color or subtle pinstripes in classic two button jackets.

Classic Styles: Wear shirts in classic patterns in medium weight fabrics and dark colors. Wear smart fit trousers, neither overly slim nor too loosely fit.

Go Low: If you have a bulging tummy, avoid wearing trousers over your stomach. Unlike popular perception, low waists are better suited for you.

No pads: Avoid jackets and shirts with extra padding in form of quilting or piled fabrics.


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