How To Take Care of Puppies

March 24th, 2011  |  Published in TIPS  |  2 Comments

Get Started: Be very careful and gentle with puppy. Place a clean wet washcloth on the bottom of the sink so the pup won’t slip. Buy a dog shampoo as the human shampoo is not acceptable because the Ph level of dog skin is different from that of humans.

Temperature Control: The temperature of human body is very different from that of a pup. Dogs feel heat more strongly than we do, so make the bath water about 100 degrees Fahrenheit. Test it like you would test it for a baby, using your wrist or elbow. If it feels warm, it’s too hot!!

In Water: Gently immerse a puppy into the sink, keeping his head above the water, but getting his body wet all over. Remember that you will wash his head last.

Shampoo time: There are many quality dog shampoos available in the market, so select the best one for your puppy. Don’t go for the cheaper options, they may result in allergy. Pour the shampoo into your cupped hand and drizzle it over the pup’s wet coat and work it in with your fingers and palms. Don’t forget to wash the tail too. Refill the sink with clean water to rinse away the soap.

Final Touch: Remove the pup from the basin and wrap him well in towel, leaving the head exposed. Gently pour warm water from a cup over his head, from behind the skull. Put a small amount of shampoo onto his skull and work it around his ears and neck and under his chin, keeping the soap out of his eyes and mouth. Rinse his head twice with warm water from the cup, again pouring from back to front, as before. Now with another small towel dry his head and face.


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