How To Create A Classy Home Bar

April 23rd, 2011  |  Published in LifeStyle, TIPS

Dedicated Area: Home bar needs a dedicated area where one can unwind and have fun without disturbing other areas of the house. Open space bars like terrace or lawn bars and basement bars are also the popular locations in the house.

Added Effects: Colors and lighting play a pivotal role in creating the right mood. Since a bar should evoke a lively and relaxed feel, colors should essentially be vibrant. Mood lights can be used to have the right illuminating effect.

Other options: Traditionally, wood décor is popular for Home bar accessories, how-ever, experimentation induces people to for more elegant looking materials like metal, steel, marble, stone and leather which contribute in making a classy home bar.

Accessories Right: Fill your bar with the right accessories. Different types of glasses, openers, coasters , stirrers, mixers, strainers, bottle stoppers and pourers can give your bar the desired look.

Personal touch: Your bar should display your personality. Give the space your personal touch with art, posters and artifacts that you love.


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