How To Enhance Your Memory

April 20th, 2011  |  Published in TIPS


  • Visualize things in your imagination. What we see registers for longer than what we just hear. Try to visualize things in an odd way, because our minds remember strange things better.

  • The brain does not sleep when we do. It just re-organizes information registered during the day. A disturbed sleep pattern means your brain’s reorganization time is also disturbed.

  • Drink water to eliminate toxins from the body. Eat fruits to provide the brain with glucose so it can work. The preservatives in junk food damage the brain’s cells.

  • To retain information for longer time revise it first within 24 hours, do a second revision within a week, than revise the material every month.

  • Try blissful neurobis twice daily for ten minutes. Visualize violet rays entering your head and spreading into your body via`gyan mudra’ (tips of index fingers and thumb joined together, other finger straight) and tongue folded and touching the palate. Exhale with a humming sound.


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