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May 25th, 2011  |  Published in Income Tax  |  1 Comment

What do you do if the amount of income tax deducted in any financial year is more than what is expected from your gross salary? While filing income tax return you can mention this and that will be taken care of by the income tax department.

The reason for extra tax deduction can be attributed to various factors; here are few which come to my mind:

1)      Not declaring your savings properly at the start of the year, which results in wrong income tax deduction

2)      Not declaring your House rent properly for that year

3)      Not providing details about your House loan to income tax department

After you have applied for your extra income tax to be refunded, you can simply track the status using:

Open in your browser:

Click on “Status of Tax Refund”



Enter Your PAN Number in the Area, and Choose the Assessment Year for which refund is required:





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