How To Solve Skin Troubles in Summer

May 29th, 2011  |  Published in TIPS

Pigmentation: Summer can aggravate pigmentation.

What To Do: Try to this home remedy: Stir the juice of half a lemon into one cup of plain yoghurt. Keep in the fridge and apply like a cream before going to bed. You can even apply a thing coat of moisturizer over it after ‘5’ minutes.


Sunburn: This leaves the skin red and painful. In severe cases, the skin may form blisters and the person may suffer from swelling, fever and chills.

What To Do: First avoid repeated sun exposure. Next, apply cold compr14esses or immerse the area in cool water, apply moisturizing lotion and leave the blisters alone – don’t break them.


Acne: Acne is very common in summer, as heavy sweating leads to the swelling of the skin’s keratin protein, which in turn blocks the pores.

What To Do: The key to avoid aggravation lies in repeated cleansing. Cleanse your face 6-7 times a day, and drink lots of water. Exfoliate regularly. Finally, stay out of direct sunlight as much as possible.


Prickly Heat: Excessive perspiration damages cells on the skin’s surface, trapping sweat beneath the skin, where it causes bumps known as prickly heat.

What To Do: Keep the area cool and dry. Don’t use antiperspirant, lotion, insect repellant or powder. Apply calamine lotion or prickly heat powder to relieve itching.


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