How To Store Holiday Snaps Forever

May 15th, 2011  |  Published in TIPS

Select The Option Wisely: Never operate the camera in a hurry. Read all the options on the camera screen carefully before taking any action.

Bring your Laptop: Carry your laptop when you travel, if you want to download your photos immediately. Backup your photos at the end of the day to ensure they are safe even if the memory card fails.

Buy more memory cards: Memory cards can corrupt, so carry an extra memory card. This will also allow you to keep all your photos without the need to delete some of them to free up some space.

Use Your iPod: You can download photos from your digital camera directly to your iPod without a computer, via the iPod Camera Connector. You can then connect the USB cable of the digital camera to the iPod Camera Connector, and your iPod will prompt you to import photos instantly.

Get a portable photo storage device: It’s a pocket-friendly means of saving pictures. Always buy a portable photo storage device compatible with one’s camera and save the pictures in it.


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