Speak Asia responds to Media Allegations

May 15th, 2011  |  Published in General Awareness  |  3 Comments

Amid all the speculations surrounding the existence of Speak Asia and its stake in the market in India. In a very short span it has panelists in a very huge number and each panelist have thousands of thoughts linked with the growth of Speak Asia. It is always a risk when you associate with anything which offer high returns in a very short span, but even with this in mind, I always thought that even if I don’t end with their guaranteed returns but I will manage to get my investment back safely. So, with all the news coming from various sources about the Speak Asia organization being fraud, each of the panelists is into disbelief.

Like me, most of the people joined in after they saw the recent advertisements in IPL (Indian Premier League) matches. So, when allegations are put on Speak Asia through Media, it is better if Speak Asia too responds through the same media instead of sending the panelists SMS or putting public notice on their website. In the latest SMS received through Speak Asia they are holding a press conference on Monday 16th May, 2011.

I hope that there is something meaningful for all the panelists and they are able to clear themselves from all the allegations.

Recent SMS(16th May,2011) Regarding Press Conference:

Sender : TD-SpkAsia


Watch SpeakAsia press conference live on our site at 12noon. All key people-Mr Mehta-Sales Head, Mr Bajpai-COO,Mr Manoj-CEO, Mr Sanjay-CXO will address the press the press.

For a full statement and contents of other SMS and detailed news, please refer


Link to Speak Asia Online Press conference Video:




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