How To Try Shirodhara At Home

May 15th, 2011  |  Published in TIPS

Power Drops: Shirodhara, the powerful ayurvedic therapy to relieve stress and restore calmness of the mind, can be experienced at home with a steady stream of warmed medicated oil or butter milk poured over the third eye on the forehead

Bliss at Home: You can try the meditative rituals at home when you want to clear the mind and relax. You can have somebody to pour the ayurvedic mix, while you lay down in a quiet place or listening to some soothing music. The music of waves crashing against the shores work good for a relaxing experience. The therapy also helps rebalance the mind from stress and chronic migraines.

Oil Types: Consult an ayurvedic expert to know your body type and then you can get the oil mix made according to what suits you best. For Kapha, mix equal parts sesame and coconut oil. For Pita, use half cup coconut oil or equal parts coconut oil and ghee or cool milk. For Vata, half cup sesame oil is a perfect mix.

Little Secrets: Fold a cloth, known in Ayurveda as pichu and soak in the warm oil of your choice for a few minutes. Lie down and press the pichu  firmly on the marma point (also known as the third eye) in the center of your forehead. Rest for 15 minutes. Wipe away excess oil.

How often: You can try the treatment twice a month to relax your body.


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