Speak Asia Online: Fraud or Legal?

May 12th, 2011  |  Published in General Awareness  |  14 Comments

This really is a very big question, and no one seems to have a perfect answer to date as of now. Those who are part of it will stand for it and those who were always looking for an opportunity to raise questions then this is the time. If you are one of individual who is part of Speak Asia as a panelist and are into a state of disbelief after going through what is being broadcasted on Star News Channel for the last 2-3 days. If Star News was not enough, Aaj tak too started a news on the same lines on its channel at prime time. The Ads regarding Speak Asia continues to be broadcasted during the IPL matches, although the routine for the Ads broadcasting is fixed beforehand but if the Fraud is on such a large scale and investigations are really starting then the broadcasting of Speak Asia Ads should be banned straight away. Well this is very bizarre situation at first to be in, because your doubts which were there in mind before joining Speak Asia are beginning to come on top. Especially the ones who were not associated with Speak Asia, this news has given them an opportunity to raise more objections about its existence and what’s the next step if this really is fraud?

Please refer the complete details about the news and Speak Asia’s step after the news is broadcasted.

http://joinspeakasiaonline.org/speak-asia-on-aaj-tak-media-coverage-gaining-heights/ – Latest as of 14th May,2011


For a detailed line of action being taken by Speak Asia in the past, please refer :




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