How To Clean Your Travel Bags

March 12th, 2011  |  Published in TIPS

Clean well: If your suitcase has removable compartments or liners inside, you can wash these in soap and water and hang to dry. If they have zippers, leave the zippers opened until dry. If the compartments are of fabric material, you can also wash them in solution which is used for washing woolens like Ezee or Genteel.

For Leather Bags: If you have a leather travel bag, then make sure it doesn’t get wet as moisture can damage it very badly. To clean it, use a damp cloth and wipe away usual surface spots. For stubborn spots, use a leather cleaner and then condition for protection with a leather conditioner.

For Plastic Travel Bags: Plastic or vinyl luggage can be cleaned with an all purpose cleaner or soap and water.

Canvas Care: Canvas bags can be washed away in the washing machine using mild warm water. Dry them properly under the sun otherwise it will become moldy and your zippers might rust.

Use Vacuum for inside cleaning:  If you spill anything inside, clean it up right away. You can also use a vacuum on the inside. Try carpet and upholstery cleaner and keep baking soda on hand for deodorizing the bag. Also don’t forget to wipe the wheels and the handle with all purpose cleaner.


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