How to present yourself for a job interview

March 23rd, 2011  |  Published in TIPS

  1. Don’t bridge the gap: If there are gaps between two employments or between education and employment. Do not manipulate any details in your resume. Be honest about the real reason.

  3. Be detailed:  You run the risk of being rejected by recruiters if your resume has too many details lacking. For example: work experience – no mention of project worked on, clients handled etc.; educational details – no mention of year passed, specialization subjects, etc.

  5. Do not inflate: Deliberately misrepresenting or omitting information such as your educational background, in your resume can land you in trouble.

  7. Reference wise: Recruiters prefer to get professional references from the ex-supervisors of candidates. References of relatives should be avoided.

  9. Be original: All information mentioned in your resume should be backed with original documentary evidence. Recruiters authenticate your employment, education, professional qualifications, technical skills and address proofs against the originals. Inability to produce original documents may adversely affect your chance of being selected.


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